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Yuzu Kosho 柚子コショウ

Kitchen essentials!

Wasabi is well known in the Japanese kitchen, so you cannot imagine your sushi without it, right?

Let us introduce you to the Yuzu Kosho. If you didn't try it yet, you are up for a treat. Not just that It is the best citrus spicy flavor with your sushi (especially the veg. sushi, it is such an. upgrade) it is so good with everything else: with your Katsu, Miso soup, sashimi, in your sandwiches, on a toast, just with rice, or even with your pasta, seriously, with everything.

So what is Yuzu? Yuzu is a Japanese citrus, and you can find it on the shelves during the winter. There are many yuzu products such as Yuzu tea, Yuzu Kosho, Yuzu candies, Yuzu bath salt, Yuzu hand cream, and more.

Yuzu Kosho is a type of Japanese seasoning. It is a paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel, and salt, which is then allowed to ferment. The most famous types of yuzukoshō come from Kyushu, where it is a local specialty.

If you are curious to find out how they make it in Japan, ONLY in JAPAN * John Daub has the best video on the topic

In case you can find Yuzu in your location, We found the best ASMR recipe video by Japanese Food Music

In the meantime, do you want to have Yuzu Kosho on your home or store shelve? DM us.

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