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Are you a fashion designer or a tailor looking for a quality supplier of fabrics and sewing supplies?

Then Nomura Tailor is the one place capable of providing the best solution!

Founded in the year 1932, Nomura dealt mainly with materials such as cloth and fabrics, and worked as a wholesaler of fabrics for men's tailors until WWII, hence the trademark "Tailor". The company was established in 1952 and began offering women's clothing (which wasn't as plentiful as it is today).

Today, Nomura Tailor's store in Kyoto offers 3 whole floors of various fabrics and needlecraft supplies:

1st floor - offers a wide range of floral fabrics and plain cotton fabrics, as well as quilting fabrics, laminated fabrics, and faux fur to unusual fabrics that are fun just to look at.

2nd floor - mainly deals with clothing fabrics such as high-quality cotton fabrics, and synthetic fabrics such as polyester, and wool fabrics. In addition, it is a floor that handles a wide range of linen fabrics throughout the year and costume fabrics such as glittering sequins.

3rd floor - displays all kinds of tools and materials, such as needles, threads, and scissors. as well as accessory materials for clothing such as zippers, buttons, and interlining. It also has handicraft materials such as wool and felt wool, and a large selection of books that are not often seen in ordinary bookstores, from specialized magazines on clothing to introductory books on handmade clothing.

Sounds good to you? come and join our quality and environmentally friendly, online or live shopping in the local business of Japan!

DM us so we can be your personal shopper in the land of the rising sun ✨

also, don't forget to visit our Instagram and FB.

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