LIVE Shopping

 Miss Japan?  Strolling around MUJI, Don Quixote or Uniqlo sounds like a faraway dream? How about strolling in Japanese flea markets and finding the most unique items just for you? want something from Japan but couldn’t find it online?  looking for something but not sure what exactly and need some help or direction?  Want to see the variety and choices live from the designated store?  Have some questions to ask the shop owner/seller about your wish products?   Stop dreaming, and join our live shopping, one on one in the real world! We will set the time, date, and relevant place/store and meet live. It can be made by live video or live chat, the most convenient way for you. 


 1 hour live- 20$

Up to 200$ Purchase: 40$ commission

210$- 1,999$ Purchase: 19% commission

2,000$ - 4,999$ Purchase: 17% commission

5,000$ or more Purchase: 15% commission

Until the forms are ready, please contact us through our email, Facebook or Instagram.

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