Heli Hershkovits

Nice to meet you!
I'm Heli, I've been living in Kyoto for the last 17 years with my partner Kazu and our son.
Coincidence and spontaneity brought me to Japan, but a great infatuation along with the magic that occurred after I arrived are the ones that kept me here but not only.
Also is the desire to explore, discover and learn more about the different cultures, the special people, the powerful nature, the fascinating history, and the culinary world - which just opened my appetite!
As I delved deeper, the desire to know more grew and I found myself diving into different worlds and learning the culture, traditional arts, and Japanese language that completed the puzzle of Japan for me.
Throughout my years in Japan, I have been involved in various fields: teaching, real estate management and development, the food business, nightlife, and tourism and I have always somehow found myself drawn to work and engaged in fields that create a connection between Japan, Israel and the rest of the world.
Goodiez was born right out of this place! Bring Japan in all its shades to you on the couch, through a slightly different shopping experience.
I am proud to create this platform, where I can share with you my love for products, shops, markets, and the special food that is only available in Japan! 🌸


Hadas Kushelevich

Hajimemashite! (Nice to meet you),
My name is Hadas and I have lived in Japan since 2012, in the first years in Osaka and in recent years in Kyoto.

In 2003 I was a bartender in the UK, when I came across a book about Bushido, and started to read more and more about Japan history, society and culture. Then, I decided to deepen my knowledge of Japan and enrolled in Japanese and Political Science Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. From there I went on to a master’s degree in Political Science and later was accepted to Osaka University for a master’s degree, with a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education, and began my Ph.D. journey (hopefully 2021 will be the final year!).

About a year after I arrived in Japan I met my partner (and the father of my sons: Riku and Leon), a brilliant artist (a traditional tattoo artist and creator of Lacquer) who introduced me deeply to the traditional Japanese arts, of which I had a keen interest since my wild days in England.

While studying for a master's degree (Faculty of Law, research on regulation of the Japanese pharmaceutical market), I founded an association that promotes Israeli-Japanese relations in the field of academia and culture, established a real estate investment and management company, tourism and training consulting company, and other projects in various fields over the years.

When Heli told me that she wanted to do something new, it was clear to me that we would work together hand in hand to make Japanese goods accessible to you.
Yoroshiku - Onegai - Shimasu 🌸